Welcome to St Peter's

I am very proud to be the Headteacher at St Peter’s Centre.  We are a short stay school for students with medical needs.  We are a  unique school with a talented, caring and committed staff.  We are a small school with big ambition for our students.
Our vision statement is “Working Together to Nurture and Challenge”.  We nurture students to ensure their well-being and health needs are met and challenge them to build resilience, courage and determination to achieve the best possible outcomes.

St Peter’s Centre offers a short stay provision to help students build resilience, re-engage with learning and make rapid progress both personally and academically.  We challenge our students to rekindle or create future aspirations and work with them to plan out the journey, step by step, to get there.  
Our aim is that students return to school as soon as possible and work with students, families, health colleagues and other professionals to ensure the necessary plan and support is in place to do so.  We work closely with home schools to ensure students feel part of both communities.  Our aim is also that every second spent at St Peter's improves life chances.

Our Centre is a haven of kindness and respect for others in our school and local community.  We share with students our expectations for acceptance and generosity towards other people, whoever they are, wherever they come from and whatever path they choose moving forward.  I am proud that both staff and students seek out opportunities to help and support eachother and to take part in activities that focus on helping others.

St Peter’s Centre has a legacy of excellent outcomes for students through a nurturing yet challenging curriculum.  I am so very proud that our little school has such big ambition for students.  At St Peter’s Centre, education and well-being is truly a team sport.

Please do take a look at our website and feel free to use the contact page should you have any questions.
Mrs Yolande Mead 
Headteacher, St Peter’s Centre

Referrals & Admissions

Please note parents and carers must ask their child’s home school to make the referral. 

​We are unable to accept referrals from parents and carers.


St Peters Centre gratefully accepts donations to help students where funding may sometimes fall short for items like books and extra curricular activities.


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