A Culture of Vigilance where we are not afraid to “Think the Unthinkable”
As a staff, we are committed to ensuring our students are safeguarded from harm, danger, exploitation, sexual exploitation, extremism, and abuse in all forms whether that danger comes from family, friends, peers or as an initiator. 

We recognise that our students come with additional vulnerabilities and so that commitment translates into very clear safeguarding policies and procedures that live and breathe in the school. 

Staff are trained to “Think the Unthinkable” as well as maintaining a real culture of vigilance at all times.  We recognise that the nature of a short stay school requires robust and rigourous responses to the everyday experience of students in school to keep them safe from harm.  Here is a summary of some of the things we do to

Safeguarding Policy
Student Safeguarding Training

Should you need more help or advice as a parent then please follow this link to the  Think U Know website.