St Peter’s is “Good” says Ofsted!

I am delighted that a recent Ofsted visit has captured the many strengths of the school.  Inspectors were able to see the love and care provided for students alongside the high expectations we have of students and the rigour we provide in learning.  I am so very proud of our school and I am very pleased that Ofsted was able to see what I see everyday – an inspirational staff who deliver high quality learning experiences for inspirational young people who deserve love, care and an aspirational place to learn.  Ofsted commented that “Pupils make strong progress academically, personally and emotionally. The school combines high-quality care with academic rigour. Staff have a deep understanding of pupils’ needs and high expectations of their learning and behaviour. Pupils work hard and achieve well” and they were clear that these strengths “secured remarkable improvements in attendance”.  

We are a school that never rests when it comes to improvements, so whilst we celebrate everything in the report, we also strive to continually be better at what we do for our young people.  

Please do take time to read our report.

Yolande Mead

Ofsted Report Sept 2022